Dulany Co-development is a diversified multi-location division of Dulany Industries, offering opportunities for large and small corporations to develop operations on the East Coast with access to significant rail, highway and deep water berths. Strategic positioning alongside synergistic operations allows for lower operating costs, narrower project development timelines, and increased future expansion possibilities. Dulany Co-Development’s portfolio includes:

SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Complex-Savannah,GA

-One mile of deep water frontage
– Class I Dual Rail Service
-755 total acres; 600 acres developable
-site currently includes a dock, over 20,000 ft of rail, significant utilities and a research and development facility

Norfolk, VA

44  acre operating deep water and rail accessed terminal – multiple products and tenants on site- 10 acres development space available

Wilmington, NC

44 acres on the Northeast Cape Fear River with approximately 25 acres available for development. Current assets and operations on site include:

  • basic infrastructure and utilities
  • CSX rail
  • direct highway access
  • current operation on the site is sulfuric acid dilution
  • Water access Berth

Savannah, GA

105 acres with deep water berth access, with approximately 25 acres available for development for synergistic businesses. Current assets and operations on site include:

  • CSX and NS rail service
  • Basic infrastructure and utilities
  • Sulfuric acid production
  • Steam generation
  • Pallet warehousing
  • Liquid deep water terminal
  • Dry bulk deep water terminal
  • Fertilizer handling and processing
  • Alum production
  • Commercial laboratory
  • Machine shop

Co-Development Success Stories

Success Story #1

Company #1 leases property from Dulany Industries. Dulany builds the building in which tenant then constructs their manufacturing operation. Southern States Chemical builds a pipeline to supply the manufacturer with an essential raw material. Dulany is also contracted to supply other support services and materials.

Success Story #2

Company #2 leases property from Dulany Industries, investing their own capital for an on-site terminal operated by Seagate Handling. Seagate Handling provides complete operational services for the terminal, including loading and offloading material from ship-to-truck or ship-to-rail.