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Powering Sustainability Through Steam

Dulany Industries, a diversified industrial-based enterprise with business activities ranging from chemical manufacturing to warehousing and value-add services, is proud of the company-wide effort to embrace sustainable ideas and solutions to everyday industrial needs.

In addition to a 1MW solar farm installed in early 2019, Southern States Chemical, a Dulany Industries company with plants located in Savannah, GA and Wilmington, NC, embraces the use of steam-generated power to fuel its industrial activity. Each plant has crafted unique solutions to best utilize the operation’s excess steam to produce electrical power as well as utilizing a water recycling component.

Reduce, re-use, recycle at SeaPoint Plant

At the SSC plant located at SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Complex, a steam-driven turbo generator set creates 2.5 MW of power, allowing the entire manufacturing facility to operate virtually electricity-neutral.  After the steam processes through the turbine and condenses, it exhausts as water and is re-used by the plant.  Additionally, the turbine and generator are recycled and retrofitted from a past industrial user, adding another layer of sustainability to the process.

As SeaPoint develops and other manufacturers and operators are brought on site, they will be able to share and use an upgraded steam supply, providing significant environmentally friendly energy. 

Wilmington Plant Uses Steam to Help Others Reduce Environmental Footprint

Southern States’ Wilmington plant takes a different approach to utilize the waste steam.  Instead of the excess steam being turned into electricity, a neighboring company purchases and uses the steam byproduct, as opposed to burning natural gas to make their own.  By using Southern States’ steam, the company next door saves money, as well as reduces their environmental footprint by burning far less natural gas.

Awards and Recognition

For these efforts in sustainability and best practices, Southern States Chemical and its plants received the GE Power and Water, Water and Process Technologies awards for “Return on Environment” and “Proof Not Promises”, the Georgia Engineer’s “Engineering Excellence” award, and the PlantWEB Excellence Award.