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SeaGate Announces Pursell as New Industrial Tenant at Savannah Location

Manufacturer of Controlled-Release Fertilizer Will Open Its First Production Facility in Georgia Later This Year

SAVANNAH, Ga. (May 27, 2021) Dulany Industries, Inc. announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary SeaGate Terminals, LLC — a premier warehouse and logistics provider with locations in Savannah, Ga. and Chesapeake, Va. — will welcome Pursell as a new tenant at the company’s Savannah complex in 2021. An innovative company specializing in controlled-release fertilizer technology with fully customizable nutrient blends, Pursell will build a new plant at SeaGate Terminals Savannah that will produce controlled-release fertilizers (CRF) for the turf, ornamental, specialty and broadacre markets.

“We’re pleased to welcome Pursell to SeaGate Terminals in Savannah as the company expands its operations with a new state-of-the-art facility,” said Kevin Glover, President of SeaGate Terminals, LLC. “Pursell’s production facility will complement existing operations at our Savannah terminal, underscoring the mutual benefits of our company’s co-development model across our portfolio of industrial land assets.”

Strategically located near the country’s No. 1 port for agricultural exports, the new Pursell production facility in Savannah will expand the reach of its next-generation coating technologies across the Southeast and beyond. The new facility will complement an existing Pursell production plant in Sylacauga, Alabama, providing a significant increase in capacity and improved access to raw materials.

Combining innovative coating materials and proprietary processing techniques with a unique modular production facility design, Pursell is directly tackling the common struggle of mis-, under- and overapplied nutrients that can negatively impact crop performance, return on investment and the environment. The company’s controlled-release technology enables fertilizer retailers to supply nutrient blends that meet the precise needs of a crop as it matures through the growing season.

“Our primary focus at Pursell is to provide growers with the most robust portfolio of controlled-release products available, empowering them with prescriptive, sustainable and profitable growing solutions,” said Nick Adamchak, Pursell CEO. “Built with innovations like custom release longevities, encapsulated micronutrient mixes and the industry’s largest range of coated substrates, our controlled-release fertilizer products create a level of control unlike any other on the market today. We’re looking forward to serving even more fertilizer retailers through the addition of our Savannah plant.”

The technology’s innovative ability to help producers increase crop yields while reducing environmental impact to air, land and water led to its recent advancement in the Next Gen Fertilizer Innovations Challenge, a joint partnership and competition from the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture focused on agricultural sustainability.

Pursell’s Savannah plant is expected to be operational by year-end, and further company expansion announcements are anticipated in the future.


No matter the crop, all plants share one thing in common: They need nutrients to thrive. Precise delivery of the optimal mix of nutrients at the right time is where the unique benefits of Pursell controlled-release technology step in. Pursell combines innovative coating materials and proprietary processing techniques with a unique modular production facility design, enabling fertilizer retailers to supply their customers with fully customized nutrient blends that meet crops’ precise needs as they mature through the growing season. There’s control, and then there’s Pursell control. Learn more:


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